2Wire Remote Denial of Service

2Wire Remote Denial of Service

Posted on Nov 01 2009   |  Plain text version


The remote management interface on tcp/50001 of various 2Wire devices suffer from a remote denial of service vulnerability.


Device:        2wire Gateway Router/Modem
Vulnerable Software:    < 5.29.52
Vulnerable Models:    1700HG
Release Date:     2009-09-00
Last Update:     2009-09-00
Critical:     Moderately critical
Impact:     Denial of service
        Remote router reboot
Where:        From remote
        In the remote management interface
Solution Status:    Vendor issued firmware patches
            Providers are in charge of applying the patches
Websec Advisory:    WS103


The remote management interface of some 2wire modems is enabled by default.
This interface runs over SSL on port 50001 with an untrusted issuer certificate.

Algunos módems 2wire tienen la interfaz remota habilitada por default.
La interfaz utiliza SSL con un certificado invalido en el puerto 50001.


Some 2wire modems are vulnerable to a remote denial of service attack.
By requesting a special url from the Remote Management interface, an unathenticated
user can remotely reboot the complete device.

Algunos módems 2wire son vulnerables a un ataque de denegación de servicio.
Un usuario no autenticado puede reiniciar el dispositivo enviando una petición a
la interfaz de Administración remota.




Disable Remote Management in Firewall -> Advanced Settings.

Deshabilitar Administración remota en Cortafuegos -> Configuración avanzada


2009/09/06 - Vulnerability discovered
2009/09/08 - Vendor contacted


                           h k m
                        [email protected]

preth00nker, DromoroK, mr.ebola, Javier, d0ct0r_4rz0v1zp0, [email protected], fito, HL, Xianur0, [email protected] X, Daemon.


Preth00nker's exploit (LAN) - http://www.milw0rm.com/exploits/2246
2Wire Gateways CRLF DoS (from local network) - http://secunia.com/advisories/21583
Hakim.Ws - http://www.hakim.ws
WebVuln - http://www.webvuln.com



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